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It's the right time to let go of your stuff.

Toronto Star — September 17, 2020

It’s not just you. Almost every single person out there has too much stuff. “Retirement is one of those life moments where you take stock,” says Karen Shinn, co-founder of Downsizing Diva. “It’s just one of those life transi-tions. It’s another reality check where you have an opportunity to ask: What is serving me? And what is not serving me so well?”

Downsizing a Home? Here Are 7 Tips to Get You Started

Lending Tree — May 5, 2020

“For others, [downsizing your home] means totally changing your lifestyle to one of minimalism,” said Karen Shinn, co-founder of Downsizing Diva, a Toronto-based company that helps seniors downsize, organize and move....

Time to Lighten Up

By Karen Shinn in North of Fifty Magazine — July 8, 2019

Did you know that 1,000 Canadians turn 65 every single day? As Canada’s population ages, the number of people planning to move dramatically increases. Of course, moving means sorting, editing and purging treasures that have been accumulated over a lifetime and this process can be emotional and often overwhelming. Take a look into our homes and you’ll discover...

10 Spring Cleaning Tips from a Downsizing Diva

Go Vaughan — June 26, 2019

Regardless of the time of year, it is always a good idea to do a big clean in your home! Organize, clear out the clutter, and create a space that is perfect for you. Downsizing Diva is a downsizing and move management company that has many Divas with a wide knowledge of how to get rid of the clutter, organizing for a move, and keeping only what is necessary in your home.

Downsize the junk drawer — for 15 minutes

Toronto.com — March 29, 2019

'Organizing your junk drawer is a rewarding project,' writes Karen Shinn.

11 Things to do Before You Downsize Your Home

BusinessInsider.com — March 26, 2019

11 things to do before you downsize your home, according to an expert who gets hired by seniors to help them declutter.

Toronto says farewell to winter: Top 10 spring 'clearing' tips

By Karen Shinn on Toronto.com — March 18, 2019

See Karen's monthly column on Toronto.com

I'm all yours Caledon and Dufferin!

March 20, 2018

Seven years ago, I launched my Downsizing Diva franchises in Etobicoke, plus Caledon and Dufferin. I never dreamed that it would be such a success and such a rewarding journey. Now, the time has come for me to focus close to home. I am happy to introduce the new owner of Downsizing Diva Etobicoke, Carolyn Grout. Carolyn has been a very valuable employee since the summer of 2017 and recently showed an interest in purchasing my Etobicoke territory. Etobicoke residents are in good hands with Carolyn.

Downsizing those heirlooms

November 13, 2017

From the onset, Boomers set out to change the world – and change it, they did. In the 1950s and ’60s, there was a rapid increase in the number of schools built, in the late ’60s, a community college system emerged and now retirement residences and hospitals are ramping up to embrace the Boomers as they continue to age.

Downsizing Zoomers

Zoomer Radio, aired October 9th, 2017 — October 31, 2017

More and more Zoomers and their families are downsizing. Whether they just want to get rid of unnecessary clutter, or downsizing to live in a smaller spaces. But moving at any age can be quite overwhelming when you’ve lived in your home for many years. We speak with the co-founder of Downsizing Diva, Karen Shinn, who specializes in moving seniors.

How unwanted family heirlooms create a divide with aging parents

The Current – CBC Radio, aired August 25, 2017 — October 31, 2017

Parents see heirlooms. Their kids see junk to clean up. It's a keepsake dilemma for families. (Pixabay.com)

Zoomer Week in Review Podcast

Zoomer Radio, aired September 3, 2017 — October 31, 2017

Karen was interviewed by Libby Znaimer - ZOOMER radio for "ZOOMER Week in Review", which aired on September 2nd and 3rd, 2017. Listen for Karen at the 10 minute mark.

Relieve The Stress For Seniors And Get Downsizing

October 15, 2014

FOR SENIORS, one of the most difficult times in their later years can be the task of moving and the downsizing stage. Read Full Article

Why Reinvent The Wheel? A Franchise Can Launch A Solopreneur

Globe and Mail — October 1, 2012

Brenda Alderdice knew she was ready to start her own downsizing business when she managed her elderly father’s move out of a two-bedroom apartment he’d lived in for 35 years.

Find the upside to downsizing a lifetime of treasures

Toronto Globe & Mail, by Angela Kryhul — July 31, 2012

Find the upside to downsizing a lifetime of treasures. For Kay Brundage, 88, the hardest thing about downsizing from a two-bedroom condo to...

Trash Talk: Advice from the downsizing trenches

Toronto Star, Ellen Moorhouse, Your Home Columnist — March 18, 2012

Trash Talk: Advice from the downsizing trenches. How do you make downsizing easier? I have received emails from people truly suffering

This firm helps boomers cope with shock of downsizing

Toronto Star, by Susan Pigg, Business Reporter — April 16, 2010

This firm helps boomers cope with shock of downsizing. Boomers are finding they need help dealing with the overwhelming effort and