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I want to make a difference and alleviate the stress that comes with downsizing by helping seniors move. I found a passion for clearing, decluttering and preparing a home for sale when my brother passed away unexpectedly and I was his estate trustee. His home was filled with decades of treasures that needed to be disbursed to family or people in need.

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Thinking if this was my own house, how could I possibly accomplish all of this on my own? Luckily, I had skilled help and unlimited support from my husband and family. Preparing my brother’s home to sell was unbelievably hard, but I know I made him proud. I want that feeling everyday by helping you, by helping your parents, children, grandparents or friends. Thanks to Brenda and her vision, she has built a successful business over the past 9+ years here in Caledon. I am excited to be taking over and continuing with the same business model and most of all, the passion that Brenda has.

While my career in the high-tech industry: sales and marketing, project management and customer service prepared me for this line of work in many ways, my creative side is a big motivator. I went to school for photography, have experience with renovation and design, and often enjoy helping friends decorate and organize their homes. All this combined with the unbelievably hard experience with my brother’s estate lead me where I was meant to be.

I have always been great with tight deadlines, organizing and budgeting as well as networking and building relationships, and adapting quickly to different environments. These are skills I will bring to bear in helping seniors move, or just downsize!

Downsizing Diva is trained in all aspects of senior move management, senior relocation services and elder care resources, I’m also proud to take over one of the first franchises of Downsizing Diva. Download our brochure for additional information.

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